Thursday, 31 January 2008

Waltzes and foxtrots...

Well, its getting terribly close now to the Brighton Dome's Valentine's Ball and, of course, the biggest question for me, as the organiser, is what to wear...actually that's so not true; the biggest question is will the band send me their play list before the event so I can reassure the people who can't dance that there will be plenty of well known tunes to shuffle around to; and the people who can dance that there will be lots of recognisable waltzes and quicksteps and foxtrots!

The ballons are booked from the wonderful Nicky at Balloonwise and we have got little night lights ready for the tables that havent got balloons, I have boxes of sample rose petals and we are thinking of a spot prize for something or other. Actually romance must be really in the air because the pre-event dance class is sold out, I have visions of all those people persuading their partners to give it a go - just this once as it's Valentines Day.

Really hoping that this time we attract a real Brighton mix of couples, the ball is for lovers of every orientation - here's hoping we have got that message across. Anyway my partner is coming from London midweek, specially , so I am off to Monsoon........there's these lovely little red floaty numbers in the sale!

Pippa Smith
Brighton Dome
Valentines Ball organiser

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