Monday, 14 January 2008

Alison Moyet takes a Turn in Brighton for Valentines

She's been an 80s pop legend, a bit of a punk, a raucous blues shouter, a dance-floor diva and is famous for being in a band with Vince Clarke.

But these days the 4 times Brit winner, Alison Moyet has developed into one of the most respected voices of British pop. With an expressive voice, which she uses to vividly depict the depths of despair and the celestial joys of love, Alison Moyet, has regularly challenged the limits of pop music.

And she's playing in Brighton on Valentines at Brighton Dome. So if you're a bit averse to the usual smouldering eyed couples at every restaurant and bar in town, a night with the croonsome Alison Moyet could be the ideal alternative...

Last October saw the release of Alison's sixth studio album of new material, the critically acclaimed The Turn. You can hear some sample clips and get tickets on the Brighton Dome website.

And I've got the album too, so can vouch for it being pretty darn good! It takes a few listens, but then I always think that's better than an album that burns out after a few plays....


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