Thursday, 24 January 2008

Love Letters and Hate Mail!

After hearing about the Hollywood film photographer who gave his girlfriend a £500, 000 gift wrapped waterfront house for Valentines Day, I became even more hell bent on finding an somewhat more 'anti' Valentines idea. So, imagine my glee when I discovered that those dark horse Victorians (not known for their sense of humour) had a rather endearing little habit of sending comic, insulting and even abusive cards on this romantic day of lurrrve.

A lunchtime lecture at the Old Courthouse in Brighton lovingly entitled 'Love letters and Hate Mail.' reveals all about these cheeky little Victorians and their viscious Valentines verbalage. So, if like me you are non too impressed with the obsessive card buying, rose wielding, smoochiness of the Big Day of Love, why not agree to not exchange cards this year and spend the money on a giggle finding out how the Victorians did it on Valentines? You could come out with the perfect insult!

The lecture starts at 1pm on the big day and is a smoochsome snip at £4.50...


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