Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Come along to Brighton's first ever Vintage and Retro clothes swap SWISH

Do you love vintage elegance and retro cool?

Then make a beeline for The Blind Tiger Club (formerly Hector’s House) on Grand Parade this Sunday 27th November at 12pm, where the lovely ladies of My Swish will be holding Brighton’s first ever vintage clothes swap!

Prospective Swishettes should bring 1-15 items of clothing, shoes or accessories to exchange for someone else’s pre-loved items. It’s a great way to grab unique pieces you can’t find on the high street. Wooden Hill Vintage will be showing swishettes how to combine vintage with High Street pieces to get the hottest looks of the season.

My Swish will be accepting items from periods up to the 1980s, as well as modern pieces that have a vintage or retro style.

Vintage teas from Roses All Over and goody bags are included in the ticket price of £5 in advance, £6 on the day.

The team here at LoveBrighton adore vintage finds and can't wait to swish and swap to our heart's content!

See for more details

Monday, 21 November 2011

Flickr Competition Winner!

At the end of October, we announced our very first LoveBrighton Flickr competition winner! The lovely MichelleBrighton took an enthralling picture of the seafront through a bus shelter, and had everyone in the office talking about it! Here she tells us a bit about herself and the image...

Siobhan :)

I was given a camera 6 months ago and since that point, it has travelled pretty much everywhere with me, I think my partner uses the word ‘obsessive’.

Brighton is a fantastic place to take photos. The range and character of the people, places and events means that there is always something interesting to capture. As I have been teaching myself photography this is great as it has given me plenty of scope to try out lots of different projects and ideas; extending from the more obvious shots of the nonetheless fantastic Pavilion, through to bloodthirsty, rampaging zombies!

Having said this, I particularly love the way having my camera with me makes me look more closely at the mundane everyday things and find their hidden interest, which is how I ended up taking the bus shelter picture. It was a gorgeous ‘Indian’ summer evening after work and I decided to take a stroll on the prom to catch a shot of the sunset with some local landmarks in the background. On the way to the pier, I noticed the graffiti writing in the dirt on the bus shelter window and liked the effect of the light from the setting sun behind it. I realised that I could get a picture of this with both the pier and the wheel in the background and I really liked the effect.

When I submitted the picture to the LoveBrighton group I had no idea that it would end up winning the competition, I was just enjoying going out and taking photos around my home town and having a place to share them. So when the notifying email arrived I was absolutely made up!

I’d like to thank the lovely people who run the Flickr group for prize and encourage anybody else out there who takes pictures around Brighton and wants to join in, to do so by joining the Flickr group and submitting to the pool… You never know, it could be you writing this blog next month!


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Some physics with your pint?

As Brighton was recently named the third geekiest city in the country it is no surprise that the Institute of Physics has decided to launch their latest campaign in Brighton.

The aim is to get people talking and thinking about gadgets and demonstrate how easy it is to take these technoligical wonders for granted, and the fact that physics plays a part in our everyday lives. As a bit of a geek I love the idea and will be keen to find out the answers to questions such as: "How many cassettes would you need to tape all the songs on a 32 GB MP3 player?"

Once you and your friends have argued over the possible answer you can find out the actual answer either by text message or by scanning the QR code. There is also a photo competition on Facebook and Twitter (@dotrythisathome) and the most imaginative photo (as judged by the IOP’s Physics in society team) posted wins a goody bag including a full set of beermats, Marvin & Milo book, and a few other freebies. The deadline for this is midnight on Sunday 11 December.


Friday, 11 November 2011

Royal Pavilion Ice Rink launch

Last night a couple of us were fortunate enough to attend the launch event for the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink. This is now the second year that the ice rink has been at the Royal Pavilion and it really does have a magical feel to it. The backdrop is of course stunning, particularly the way the building has been lit.

Plus if you are not an avid skater you can still visit the bar & restaurant and simply watch as others pirouette across the ice. But if you do want to skate it's all family friendly and there are even special penguin stabilisers, although I'm sure any unsteady adults could also use the penguins!

At last night's event aside from seeing the actual rink we were also treated to a sneak preview of Holiday on Ice. The 2012 show is called Tropicana and features music by the legendary Barry Manilow so I think it is safe to say that it is a tad camp...

Yes that's right that lady does have an orange on her head, where can I get one of those hats! As soon as I heard that the music was by Barry Manilow I was excited about the show but having seen this I am even more excited! Just so you can fully appreciate the outfits here is the professional shot taken by Andrew Hasson:

So whether you are a skating pro or a complete novice make sure you visit the ice rink which opens from tomorrow (12th November) until 22nd January. And Holiday on Ice - Tropicana: The Passion tour will be on at the Brighton Centre from the 13th - 29th January 2012.