Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Mister Maker at Sea Life Brighton

Last Thursday I took my 4 year old to Sea Life Brighton. She had been before but I felt like this time she really engaged with all the wonderful sea life that we saw. We journeyed through the aquarium at least 3 times, each time noticing different creatures from the sea.


There must have been something about the letter S as her favourites were the sharks (of course), starfish, sea horses and stingrays. She even got to touch a starfish which was very exciting!
As I said, we had been there before, so the real hook for us this time was the Mister Maker Workshops that are running at Sea life Brighton until 12th June.
Feeling very inspired after our tour of Sea Life Brighton, we went to the education room where there were lots of crafty type bits and pieces waiting for us to get arty. We had picked some up along the way in our handy Mister Maker bag which was given to us when we first arrived. Now we had the supplies, all we needed was the knowledge! Enter Mister Maker (not literally, but on a screen) where he was going to teach us how to make a scary shark!

My daughter loved the workshop. And I thought it was such a great idea. There are other marine animals to be made as well such as crabs and stingrays. The best bit is, they are all things that can be made with leftover or waste household materials!
With half term coming up why not visit Sea Life Brighton and get creative!
Click here for more information on Mister Maker workshops at Sea Life Brighton.