Thursday, 29 April 2010

Band to hatch out of an egg in Brighton...

We have a saying at Visitbrighton for things that we reckon wouldn't happen anywhere else. So when we saw this event we all said 'Only in Brighton'...!

As part of The Brighton Festival 2010 The Myst band will be living for a whole week inside a great big 14ft egg on Brighton Seafront. Yes I did say egg.
On 8th of May at 2pm, the band will enter the egg to remain within its sea sprayed walls, without leaving until break out day.

They will eat, sleep, laugh, cry, play, write music, ponder, run on the spot, meditate for 7 days and nights before breaking out to a live outdoor gig on 15th of May at 2pm.

You'll be able to see one of the band members at a time, via a special air bubble window in the egg, throughout the week. You can also write a wish and put it on the wishing nest that houses their egg home or read other peoples wishes. The egg will also be streaming live via a web-cam.

The egg will be close to The West pier on the seafront. The countdown is on...before the egg hatches!

Check out more about the 2010 Brighton Festival.


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Festival news

I can't believe it but Festival time is almost upon us! Is it just me or does it seem to come round more quickly each year? Not that I'm complaining as it is a great time to be in the city as there is always so much going on. And while old favourites are back including the Children's Parade, the Big Splash, Fringe City and the Ladyboys of Bangkok there are a couple of exciting new things happening this year.

If you find that you are struggling to keep up with everything happening during the Brighton Festival or want to hear some debates and reviews then make sure you tune in to Brighton Festival radio sponsored by VisitBrighton. And as it is associated with us you know it's going to be marvellous ;) The radio station is already live to get you in the mood for the start of the Brighton Festival on Saturday so tune in to 87.7 FM or listen live through the festival website.

A new addition to the Brighton Festival Fringe is Residence a special pop-up restaurant which will just be open during May. The restaurant will be on Whitecross Street near Brighton Station and the reason for its name is there will be an artist in residence who will create an original piece of work on site in front of, and perhaps including, the diners. All of the artwork will then be auctioned in order to raise money for a local charity. The restaurant will be open for lunch, pre-theatre and dinner menus Tuesday - Saturday. For more information go to:


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Am I in the wrong job?

I was suddenly hit by pangs of guilt as I realised that I had not written anything on the blog for a long time. As I decided to rectify this I started to wonder what to write about when it occured to me I could just explain why I haven't written in a while.

Basically it's because the press trip requests are started to come in thick and fast, and while in the past I have mentioned how lucky I am to do my job, when I'm organising the itineraries for journalists I do start to wonder if I should have tried to go into travel journalism instead of marketing. For example this weekend we have a journalist coming down who will be researching an adrenaline filled weekend in the city. This means they will get to try each of the following:
Plus they will be staying and having treatments at myhotel, dining at Oki-nami and experiencing colour therapy at Aloka!

It's a hard life isn't it?


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Brighton Marathon Crochet Style...

Knit one, purl one, run a bit, knit one, purl one, run a bit...

Phew...I'm exhusted already.

Not not as tired as East Sussex resident, Susie Hewer though, who is not only making her Brighton Marathon debut on April 18th, but also her crochet marathon debut as well!

Guiness Book of Records holder

Susie already holds the Guinness Book of Records for the longest scarf ever knitted while running a marathon – 162cm – but she is going for something a bit tougher for her run around Brighton and Hove's streets.

There is currently no crochet record so Susie is going to create one and there will be spotters from Guinness around the course to make sure she does not drop a few stitches along the way.

Raising money for Alzheimer's Research Trust
Susie took up running seven years ago to raise funds for Leukaemia research, but when her Mum died 5 years ago, from vascular dementia, she switched to marathons and started raising funds for the Alzheimer's Research Trust (ART) instead.

We thought this was a lovely story and wanted to wish Susie all the best for her debut crochet marathon.

Go on Susie!

Oh and could you knock us up a new scarf on the way round if you have time please...! Just kidding...

Find out more about this year's Brighton Marathon or watch the official Marathon video.