Thursday, 26 February 2009

Anish Kapoor to lead Brighton Festival

The 43rd Brighton Festival erupts into the Brighton arts calendar in May and this year heralds a massive coup. Celebrated Turner Prize winning artist Anish Kapoor has been announced as Guest Artistic Director and he'll be creating 2 major new commissions for the city.

With a captivating programme of works and a series of must see events, presented in traditional and unconventional spaces across the city, you can expect some inspirational stuff in Brighton this May.

The 2 new Kapoor commissions are:

Dismemberment of Jeanne D'Arc inspired by the French martyr, which will transform Brighton's Old Municipal Market Place.

Imagined Monochrome (Massage) - an intimate experimental piece exploring colour, where participants experience a head massage and share their resulting experience of monochromatic colour.

Kapoor's much admired C-Curve, Sky Mirror, Blood Relations and 1000 names will also be brought to Brighton and serve as a starting point for the whole programme.

A real one off - we suggest you don't miss the Festival this year!


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

VisitBrighton get tweeting

Barack Obama uses it and so does Stephen Fry. Ever wondered what people are up to during their day?

Well, with Twitter you can find out!

What is all this twittering?

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So we thought we’d join in.

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Monday, 16 February 2009

Brighton bar or pub? What's the difference...?

I was talking about Brighton bars the other day with a friend and we were arguing about the difference between a pub and a bar. I mean is it that bars just look different from the outside and aren't called things like The King's Head or The Queen's Arms or various other random regal body parts? Or is it that they are just a bit more trendy and can get away with charging a fiver for a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon?

Or is a pub a place where beer and ale is drawn from a wooden cask, whereas a bar is where you buy bottled and canned beer...?

Or maybe it's that most pubs serve food, whilst bars don't, they just serve drinks. But then we thought of bars in Brighton that sold food. And then there's gastro pubs - a lot of which look like bars...

Oh for goodness sake.

Well, what we did agree on was that there are some great Brighton bars around the city! The Hanbury Club popped up as a fav (oh please don't start - I know it's not actually called a pub or a bar, but it 'feels' like a bar, ok...) - it's got a great atmosphere and is somewhere you can listen to an eclectic array of live music, from Latin & Jazz to Swing and Lounge. They've also got Burlesque evenings, games nights, Vegas nights, come dancing nights, and DJ sets, making them a bar, pub, club...oh i give up.

You can check out some of the other Brighton bars on the VisitBrighton bars in Brighton page.

Any further enlightenment on the difference between a pub and a bar or any top tips for great Brighton bars gratefully accepted...


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

National Flirting Week

Apparently this week (9 - 15th February) is National Flirting Week, quite why we need such a thing or what the possible purpose could be I am not entirely sure. That said it is a good excuse to escape the winter blues and have a little fun and seeing as Brighton & Hove was voted the flirtiest city in the UK it's the perfect place to come and make some new friends.

If the flirting goes really well then you might want to pop into Carluccio's and buy them a little treat either a bouquet of chocolate roses, some milk chocolate drops or these adorable little lovebugs:

Then if that works you could even treat them to dinner at Carluccio's on Valentine's night and take advantage of their special offer whereby all couples ordering a two course meal get a free bottle of Prosecco Rose Ruggeri. Then if it all goes really really well you can come back the following weekend for the Royal Pavilion's Annual Wedding Fair. OK perhaps I'm getting a bit carried away but you never know...


Friday, 6 February 2009

Win a Luxury Break in Brighton

If the chillsome weather has made you start pining for Spring, we've got some good news that might help warm you up a bit...

VisitBrighton have joined forces with one of Brighton's premier hotels to give away a luxury Brighton break for 2. The prize includes a night at the Brighton Thistle in the luxurious PentHouse Suite, which includes an outside terrace and a hot tub. Yes, we did say hot tub!

Feeling a bit warmer already?

All you have to do is complete a simple website questionniare telling us what you think of the the spankly new and as a thank you, we'll pop you straight into the prize draw.

Simply go to the VisitBrighton competitions page to enter.

Good luck!


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Brighton in the snow

Well it has been fairly quiet in the office the last couple of days as I'm sure all offices in the south have been due to the weather. However for those who did make it into the city centre it was worth it as there was an almost Victorian atmosphere as there were barely any cars to be seen and people were walking in the roads with a feeling of camaraderie between those who had ventured out.

Although of course the best thing about the snow is the way it completely transforms everything, and the landmarks we sometimes take for granted get given a new lease of life. Here are a couple of my favourite images from yesterday's snow storms, although if you have any that you would like to share then please add them to our Facebook page