Tuesday, 10 February 2009

National Flirting Week

Apparently this week (9 - 15th February) is National Flirting Week, quite why we need such a thing or what the possible purpose could be I am not entirely sure. That said it is a good excuse to escape the winter blues and have a little fun and seeing as Brighton & Hove was voted the flirtiest city in the UK it's the perfect place to come and make some new friends.

If the flirting goes really well then you might want to pop into Carluccio's and buy them a little treat either a bouquet of chocolate roses, some milk chocolate drops or these adorable little lovebugs:

Then if that works you could even treat them to dinner at Carluccio's on Valentine's night and take advantage of their special offer whereby all couples ordering a two course meal get a free bottle of Prosecco Rose Ruggeri. Then if it all goes really really well you can come back the following weekend for the Royal Pavilion's Annual Wedding Fair. OK perhaps I'm getting a bit carried away but you never know...


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