Monday, 18 March 2013

The Winner of February’s Flickr Competition

Waddup LoveB luvers,

This little mite would like to wish everyone a very happy St Patrick’s Day for yesterday! I hope there were lots of shamrocks, bodhrans, Taytos, Guinness and of course, loads of craic. I am more than happy to say that I celebrated with my favourite Irish woman, Kimberley. We go way back, and she’s never changed; still two soft ginger biscuits, sandwiching white marshmallow with a sugar surround. Like, the best biscuits, eva?

Anyway, enough of that malarkey, back to the matter at hand, which is of course, the winner of February’s Flickr competition! The theme was Love Landscapes, LoveBrighton, and we had some awesome shots, especially of the wonderful light along the seafront as the days began to brighten. And the winning shot played on the idea of landscapes with a ‘birds-eye-view’ from Brighton Pier.

It shows a gull looking a little bit worse for wear with a broken wing and hole in his foot, but nevertheless eagerly surveying the coast that layeth before him… we love the focus of this photograph, with the high definition of the feathers in direct contrast with the blurriness of the buildings which share the same colour. The light on the bird’s face is also wonderful – if only my own cheekbones could be so brilliantly highlighted!

The photographer, Alex, has this to say about his winning photo:  

I've had a place in Brighton for about the past 6 years and although motor sport is my photographic passion, I've been guilty of not exploring my own neighbourhood with a camera. This was something that I decided to change after the loss of my father last year. 

I'd forgotten the pure joy at being able to take your eyes for a walk to see exactly where I live and what is close. You take the ocean for granted, the downs become a gateway to Brighton but if you only ever drive the A23 through them, you've missed their magnificence. The sheer diversity of people never ceases to astound and famous faces mix with locals around here better than most places I visit, so the chance for a portfolio of landscape, portrait, architecture and wildlife means that you'd never really need to go far in any direction. 

Thanks to some wonderful photographers and friendly comments from the LoveBrighton Group here on Flickr, I've been able to witness all of these things that make even things as mundane as walking the dog a photographic possibility. I am by no means a wildlife or landscape photographer but I feel that through the medium of photography, I have been able to grieve a loss and gain a new perspective which will see the launch of a new business venture of my motor sport photography later this year. And in the meantime, I get to continue to wander around Brighton and the surrounding areas when not at work soaking up all the best that the place has to offer! Even when it is a bruised and battered Gull on the pier. 

Alan MacKenzie had introduced me to the wonder of watching the starlings around the pier and I'd ventured out to grab a few shots when this poor guy landed on the railing. He was unfazed by the hordes of people looking at him and almost had an expression that said, 'look all you like, I'm watching the sunset.' I, like most people, had concern for his wellbeing but just as I was about to see if anyone knew if he may be OK, he decided to take to the air almost with a huff that we had intruded his relaxation - which we probably did! With the latest motor sport season about to start, I'm looking forward to it, re-energised from being in Brighton and also knowing that after many years of living in and around the UK, that I've finally found home.

Alex has won £30 to spend at the beautiful Seattle Hotel at the Brighton Marina, which offers landscape views (see what we did there?) along the coastline toward Brighton & Hove.

The theme for March is Love Food, LoveBrighton to celebrate all the yummy goings-on in the city this month. With the Chocolate Festival and VegFest just passed, make sure you’re all at the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival from 28 March to 1 April in venues across the city, and live demonstrations and markets in the town centre.

I hope we all have a tasty Easter and keep sharing the LoveBrighton Love (and Kimberley biscuits, obviously).


Siobhan x