Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Poem for Flickr Winners in April and May!

Ode to Competition Winners

Almighty April and Manic May,
Have been and gone so fast,
With festivals and events abound,
They surely aren’t the last.

For June is now upon us,
And we may see some sun,
So let’s get to the point at hand,
The Flickr competitions won!

April’s theme was ‘Love Light’,
And there was choice aplenty,
A winner was so hard to choose,
We could have chosen twenty!

So from all the entries,
Alas, there can be only one,
And with this shot of Brighton Pier,
The winner’s Moonheadone!

And so for May’s theme,
We had to ‘Love the Arts’,
From shirts and through to drummers,
Festivals are in our hearts.

Another winner we must choose,
And we just loved this drummer,
With the sea and beach and pebbled rocked,
This is the sound of summer!

The winner was a local man,
A name linked with music,
Mr BrightonDJ is your guy,
And so we had to choose it!

Press on to June’s theme,
‘Love the Great Outdoors’,
Search for walks and hills and sea,
So the photos aren’t bores.

So with these final verses,
I hope I have inspired,
Can think of nothing more to say,
Because I’m getting tired.

Get out and take some shots,
And make sure to get them posted,
So next competitors get roasted.

So ‘till next time,
(I won’t go on and on),
From the poetic and slightly nuts,
The lyrical Siobhan :)