Thursday, 18 April 2013

Churros and the City

When I was little we had a few family holidays to Lanzarote, and one of the things I particularly remember is the Churros. This is a classic Spanish dessert, which is similar to a doughnut but it comes in long sticks rather than a big squishy ball. This is then served with a pot of warm chocolate and / or sugar to dip the churros in. I loved it!

Last week we were invited to the launch of Bellota, the new tapas and Cava bar on North Street. On the night we got to sample some of the food & drink, and lovely as it was, there was no churros. However m'colleague and I spotted that it was on the menu so the following day we decided to go back and treat ourselves.

Churros at Bellota
We were not disappointed! The churros were delicious and the fact they were served with strawberries too meant that none of the chocolate was wasted. So I left safe in the knowledge that whenever I need a nostalgic sweet treat I won't have too far to go.

Last night I went to the Duke's at Komedia and as we had a bit of time before the film started we decided to enjoy a drink in the bar (on a side note I can highly recommend the Dark Star Espresso beer). I was just debating whether to treat myself to a slice of cake when I spotted churros on the menu, so of course I had to order some - purely in the name of research you understand ;)

Churros at Duke's at Komedia
My friend, who is half Spanish, did point out that traditionally Churros sticks should be straighter and longer.  However these were still very tasty, and I successfully regressed to being a child and making a right mess. But I have to be honest, while both were scrummy the Churros at Bellota did have the edge, although you would hope that the Spanish restaurant would serve the best Spanish dishes.

So if you fancy some churros head to Bellota, but if it's a movie you're after then Duke's at Komedia is your best bet ;) On another side note, it had been a little while since I'd been to either of the Duke's and I had forgotten just how comfy their chairs are - I'm so glad that I'm finally a member!


Monday, 15 April 2013

March's Flickr Winner

Well, we’ve been lucky of late down ‘ere, with two – two! – days of wonderful spring sunshine in a row. Those of you in warmer climates may snigger, but oh, it’s so amazing to stroll along the coast without being buffeted, soaked or chilled to the bone. Ooh, speaking of which, there’s a new display at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery called Chilled to the Bone: Ice Age Sussex, which is all about, ahem, the ice age, in Sussex. It’s got lots of interesting local finds on show, along with the biggest anthropological hoax of the 20th century: Piltdown Man. Check out the museum’s website for more info.

Back to the matter at hand (I like wandering off on tangents, see) which is of course the all-important winner of March’s Flickr competition! March’s theme was Love Food, LoveBrighton, and we had some iconic shots of Brighton Rock and some yummy looking lollipops.

But our favourite photo just had to be this black and white snap of a chap in a hat, eating his lunch at a café in Kemp Town. We really liked the candid nature of this snapshot of the ordinary lunches had by ordinary folks in Brighton. And it looks pretty tasty to be honest – hearty fry-up? Yum.

To celebrate the great, the good and the downright tasty in Brighton, the winner, Mark_Rennocks, has won vouchers to spend at the equally delicious Riddle & Finns fish restaurant in The Lanes. I did try to pose as the winner to win these, but alas, was foiled before my plan had even begun – those pesky scruples! 

Here's a few words from Mark: 

I used to frequent Figaro's Cafe a lot last year when i was working in Kemp Town. I had taken some time away from work for a rest, and to get around and take some pictures again.
On one of my picture strolls I thought I'd pop in and get a bacon sandwich. This guy asked me for the pepper as his breakfast arrived. Well, I saw the steam coming off it, and there you go, the picture.
I live in Brighton and it can be very satisfying for pictures. I like to walk and get in my zone. Then the pictures come. People, Dogs and moments!

The theme for April is Love Light, LoveBrighton and we know, we know, we know, the theme for December was Love LightS, but we’re thinkin’ the brighter evenings will provide some interesting colours and thus, captures. We do think about these things.

So get out in the sunshine, and capture the light in Brighton & Hove, whatever the time of day or night, and get them uploaded to our LoveBrighton Flickr group:

Simple, innit.

S-Dog x

Thursday, 11 April 2013

News from the Painting Pottery Cafe

Since publishing this blog post yesterday we've heard about an exciting new event taking place at the Painting Pottery Cafe. “Just because things break, doesn’t mean they are broken” is the title of an art project launched by young artists Jacob Belbin & Karol Michalec in Brighton this weekend (13/14 April). It will be a cross between an archeological dig and a treasure hunt.

Fragments of painted pottery will be scattered around the city, so if you spot one pick it up and follow the instructions! Jacob and Karol will also be handing out pieces of their painted work in mystery locations. The fragments will be reunited at their exhibition preview on Tuesday 16th April at 6.30pm and with the help of the treasure gatherers will be joined to form a ceramic mural.

So keep your eyes peeled!

Today we welcome another guest blogger. Hazel Stephenson is the curator of the new Painting Pottery Cafe Gallery...

In December 2012 I was given the exciting task of relaunching the vacant downstairs of The Painting Pottery Café into a thriving gallery. As a well established art & craft centre in the heart of Brighton we decided to make the most of our prime location and use it to provide a platform for local and developing artists to exhibit their work. As well as appealing to artists who are already exhibiting work, we are also here to encourage those who have never exhibited their work to give it a go! This central gallery provides a great opportunity to gain confidence and exhibiting experience in a relaxed and friendly environment, whilst improving your links within the art world, and promoting yourself as an up and coming artist!

We're currently exhibiting the work of 'The Light-Hearted' three women with a passion for creative photography, with three main interests: Light, water and reflections (which happens to be the name of their refreshing exhibition). This is the first time Cindy D’Roza-Mortimer, Aya Yoshimura and Fiona Wilson have ever exhibited their work, and they've done a fantastic job. All three have lived in other cities before making Brighton their home, their images often provide subtle clues towards the environments they've encountered and the marks they have left of the way they perceive the world.

Come and see their unique interpretation in this exhibition running from 23rd March -14th April. Interested in exhibiting with us? Email: with a selection of images you would like to exhibit.

Hazel Stephenson,
Curator of Café Gallery @ The Painting Pottery Café Brighton.