Thursday, 18 April 2013

Churros and the City

When I was little we had a few family holidays to Lanzarote, and one of the things I particularly remember is the Churros. This is a classic Spanish dessert, which is similar to a doughnut but it comes in long sticks rather than a big squishy ball. This is then served with a pot of warm chocolate and / or sugar to dip the churros in. I loved it!

Last week we were invited to the launch of Bellota, the new tapas and Cava bar on North Street. On the night we got to sample some of the food & drink, and lovely as it was, there was no churros. However m'colleague and I spotted that it was on the menu so the following day we decided to go back and treat ourselves.

Churros at Bellota
We were not disappointed! The churros were delicious and the fact they were served with strawberries too meant that none of the chocolate was wasted. So I left safe in the knowledge that whenever I need a nostalgic sweet treat I won't have too far to go.

Last night I went to the Duke's at Komedia and as we had a bit of time before the film started we decided to enjoy a drink in the bar (on a side note I can highly recommend the Dark Star Espresso beer). I was just debating whether to treat myself to a slice of cake when I spotted churros on the menu, so of course I had to order some - purely in the name of research you understand ;)

Churros at Duke's at Komedia
My friend, who is half Spanish, did point out that traditionally Churros sticks should be straighter and longer.  However these were still very tasty, and I successfully regressed to being a child and making a right mess. But I have to be honest, while both were scrummy the Churros at Bellota did have the edge, although you would hope that the Spanish restaurant would serve the best Spanish dishes.

So if you fancy some churros head to Bellota, but if it's a movie you're after then Duke's at Komedia is your best bet ;) On another side note, it had been a little while since I'd been to either of the Duke's and I had forgotten just how comfy their chairs are - I'm so glad that I'm finally a member!


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