Thursday, 29 April 2010

Band to hatch out of an egg in Brighton...

We have a saying at Visitbrighton for things that we reckon wouldn't happen anywhere else. So when we saw this event we all said 'Only in Brighton'...!

As part of The Brighton Festival 2010 The Myst band will be living for a whole week inside a great big 14ft egg on Brighton Seafront. Yes I did say egg.
On 8th of May at 2pm, the band will enter the egg to remain within its sea sprayed walls, without leaving until break out day.

They will eat, sleep, laugh, cry, play, write music, ponder, run on the spot, meditate for 7 days and nights before breaking out to a live outdoor gig on 15th of May at 2pm.

You'll be able to see one of the band members at a time, via a special air bubble window in the egg, throughout the week. You can also write a wish and put it on the wishing nest that houses their egg home or read other peoples wishes. The egg will also be streaming live via a web-cam.

The egg will be close to The West pier on the seafront. The countdown is on...before the egg hatches!

Check out more about the 2010 Brighton Festival.


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