Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Am I in the wrong job?

I was suddenly hit by pangs of guilt as I realised that I had not written anything on the blog for a long time. As I decided to rectify this I started to wonder what to write about when it occured to me I could just explain why I haven't written in a while.

Basically it's because the press trip requests are started to come in thick and fast, and while in the past I have mentioned how lucky I am to do my job, when I'm organising the itineraries for journalists I do start to wonder if I should have tried to go into travel journalism instead of marketing. For example this weekend we have a journalist coming down who will be researching an adrenaline filled weekend in the city. This means they will get to try each of the following:
Plus they will be staying and having treatments at myhotel, dining at Oki-nami and experiencing colour therapy at Aloka!

It's a hard life isn't it?


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