Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Some physics with your pint?

As Brighton was recently named the third geekiest city in the country it is no surprise that the Institute of Physics has decided to launch their latest campaign in Brighton.

The aim is to get people talking and thinking about gadgets and demonstrate how easy it is to take these technoligical wonders for granted, and the fact that physics plays a part in our everyday lives. As a bit of a geek I love the idea and will be keen to find out the answers to questions such as: "How many cassettes would you need to tape all the songs on a 32 GB MP3 player?"

Once you and your friends have argued over the possible answer you can find out the actual answer either by text message or by scanning the QR code. There is also a photo competition on Facebook and Twitter (@dotrythisathome) and the most imaginative photo (as judged by the IOP’s Physics in society team) posted wins a physics.org goody bag including a full set of beermats, Marvin & Milo book, and a few other freebies. The deadline for this is midnight on Sunday 11 December.


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