Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Jimmy Carr at Brighton Dome

Last night my Mum and I braved the terrible weather to go to the Brighton Dome to see Jimmy Carr - Repeat Offender. I always love going to the Dome as it is a lovely setting, and while it is large it still has a cosy atmosphere. If you want an inside tip then I'd recommend doing as we did and book seats in the front row of the rear stalls as there is a handy wooden shelf in front which is useful for putting your drinks on and gives you a bit more space. Although wherever you sit you'll be fine as the seats are definitely more comfortable than a lot of venues.

Anyway on to the gig itself, well I will have to be careful what I say as Jimmy reads a lot of his reviews and pointed out that while at first they may sound good, if you think about it they could easily be misconstrued. For example: "Catch him before he gets massive" or "there's funny, then there's Jimmy Carr" So I will have to choose my words carefully but I think it'll be safe to say that he was extremely funny, I was a little worried when he started to do a bit about the odious Gillian McKeith from You Are What You Eat as I have seen Dara O'Briain do a particularly funny rant about her, fortunately Jimmy's material was completely original and just as funny.

Throughout the evening politically correctness was no where to be seen and we were laughing the whole way through, although sadly that means that I will not be able to share the vast majority of the jokes with you but I think this one is safe:
"3% of Britons do not leave a tip - they are known as the weirdos who live at the tip"
He also had a philosophical moment (where he almost vanished in dry ice!) and gave us a few nuggets of wisdom to ponder over - If you walk backwards while wearing flip flops do they become flop flips

As ever members of the audience became the butt of a lot of the jokes, so for anyone else who was there I will just add: I loves me boots

Anyway it was a great night out and don't worry if you missed him as he usually comes back to the Dome for the Paramount Comedy Festival in October, or if you cannot wait until then for a chuckle at the Dome then coming soon will be Omid Djalili, Daniel Kitson and Paul Merton


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