Monday, 14 January 2008

Do Wah Diddy

It occured to me that for many people my last post about luxury romantic breaks would be purely aspirational as many (myself included) cannot afford the hotels, boutiques and designer jewellery I mentioned last time. This got me thinking that in most cases if you asked someone to name their most romantic spot it wouldn't necessairly be an expensive restaurant or hotel but somewhere that would seem mundane and everyday to most people but reminds the person of a special moment

For example I will always have a soft spot for the Shakespeare's Head as I went there one night to meet a group of friends and ended up becoming more than friends with one of them. And even though I work here, Brighton Town Hall is also a romantic place for me not becasue of the weddings and civil partnerships I often witness but becasue of the single red rose I was sent last Valentine's day.

My point is that it is not always the obvious places which are the most romantic, and this is a theme Brighton Museum has developed in their I love history exhibition, which looks at different romantic stories from Brighton people and local musician Al Start has penned an album with the same name as all of the songs have been inspired by the stories feaured in the exhibit. To find out more about this exhibition and Romantic Brighton in general then download our latest podcast which is free and so is the museum, hooray!

So romance doesn't have to cost anything and if you still want ideas of romantic things to do then what could be better then skipping along the seafront with your loved one, watching the sunset over the sea and singing Do Wah Diddy...?

Well I'd better sign off now before I make anyone feel too quesy but please feel free to leave a comment telling us about the apparently ordinary places in Brighton which remind you of a special moment...

Oh but before I go I should just remind you that if you do want a nostalgic break to relive those magic moments or perhaps would like to create some new ones then we have some great offers to help you do that from only £50 per room per night


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