Thursday, 10 January 2008

A Brighton Valentines smooch in Quadrophenia Alley

Continuing our January romantic Brighton theme, I asked a colleague earlier what he'd be doing on Valentines. I was practically blown headlong into the cupboard by the sheer force and ferocity of the 'NOTHING' that he bellowed at me.

Which got us thinking...

Surely there must be something a bit more alternative to do in Brighton on Valentines for those of us who are a bit less traditional in our romantic inclinations? The first thing we came up with was a Valentine's smooch in 'Quadrophenia Alley'.

People actually come from all over the world to find this alleyway, which was featured in the cult film Quadrophenia - set in Brighton in the 1960s, the period of the Mods and Rockers. But when you live here its easy to forget its even there. One of the major scenes from Quadrophenia takes place in this alleyway, where 2 lovers escape the police and fall through a doorway into a yard. The alley has become a real shrine to Mods.

So, whilst we're not planning to get in trouble with the police and will probably leave out the bit about falling through a doorway into a yard, we just might try and catch a smooch in there around the 14th...

Oh come on, we reckon there are lots more alternative Valentines ideas out there...

Oops - we nearly forgot. To find Quadrophenia Alley, walk along Prince Albert Street to the Town Hall. Past the town hall, turn right into Little East Street. Beyond a set of nineteenth century cottages with walls made from tarred beach pebbles, turn left down a winding unmarked alleyway marked 'To East Street'. You can find Little East Street on our Brighton city centre map.

Sarah and Richard

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