Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Here's to a classic Valentine's gift

Well it seems I am in a romantic mood again having been out to buy my gifts for Valentine's Day. Clearly I cannot mention what I bought as he might read this, but I can help you out with a good suggestion. Rather than racking your brains thinking what to get I feel you cannot really go wrong with the classic gift of Champagne as who doesn't love a bottle of bubbly?

Apparently, contrary to popular belief, a bottle of Champers should not go off with a big bang but actually a soft sigh, so it sounds romantic even before you have tasted a drop! Also you might like to know that there are 49 million bubbles in a regular bottle of Champagne, although surely the real question should be who managed to count them and is that really the best way for them to be spending their time? Final fact for now is that the tinier the bubble the better the Champagne.
So now that I have whetted your appetite, then get yourself down to Toast and I am sure they will only serve bottles with tiny bubbles in! They also sell Champagne accessories and hampers, which make perfect gifts. Best of all they currently have a special offer so go to our main site and print off a voucher to take into the store with you

You never know once you get in there you might be tempted to buy 350 bottles and take a bath in the stuff as Marilyn Monroe did!


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Steve said...

I love this idea. The champaign is a classic valentines day gift.