Monday, 28 January 2008

Tempting Treats for Valentine's Day

Well I must say I am pleased that Sarah got us all to think of romantic themed things to do as I'm learning about all sorts of things! From the Victorian hate mail we now move on to a 16th Century aphrodisic - apparently Franciscan monk Pasquale Baylon was concerend about the virility of his parishoners and so he created a delicious dessert of eggs, Marsala wine and sugar to get them in the mood, which sounds more tempting then a slimey oyster or a Rhino horn!

So if you are keen to get your pulses racing then head over to Carluccio's and pick up their modern day version of the amorous monk's recipe - zabajone al moscato. Or perhaps you would like to combine two classic gifts in one and purchase a single stem chocolate red rose or even splash out on a whole bouquet

Although Carluccio's is not just a shop there is also the restaurant for that romantic night, however I must say I am more tempted by their special valentine's hamper for two, as I think it is more romantic to have a cosy night in snuggling up together and ignoring the rest of the world. In the hamper you get a full three-course meal plus a bottle of bubbly, and we must give them bonus points for thier attention to detail as even the mixed salad is decorated with heart-shaped croutons, bless!

Well that's my romantic tips for the day but don't forget to pop back soon to see what other ideas we come up with!


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