Tuesday, 22 April 2008

We are still here...

Yes I know I said I'd leave the blog and let someone else write on it but then something happened that I felt I just had to write about...

I went to log-in to our Facebook page this morning and to my horror a big red notice flashed up telling me that the account had been disabled! I can only assume that this was because we are a business rather than an individual user, however a) there are lots of other businesses doing the same thing so why just us? b) why couldn't they have warned us first?

So first of all I just wanted to reassure any of you who were our friends on Facebook that we will be back so look out for us and also to let you know that we did not choose to leave!

I have to say what really annoys me is not the fact that we were deleted, as I am sure they have their reasons. However surely it is common courtesy to let someone know about it first? Perhaps it is not just that we are a business page, maybe someone has made a complaint about us but how can we possibly defend ourselves if we don't know what it is all about? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Is it me or is this just another example of the general lack of manners people have now a days?

Although perhaps I have been spoilt growing up in Brighton (come on you knew I would link it back to the city somehow!) for as Hilary pointed out in one of her posts we are a polite and friendly city. So perhaps naively I thought everyone was like this but after this Facebook incident (and British Gas but that's a whole other story!) I'm reminded once again how lucky I am to be from Brighton & Hove :)

Anyway I'll keep you posted and as I said we do plan to set up a Facebook business page so keep an eye out for that and in the meantime please keep reading the blog and checking www.visitbrighton.com for news on the city


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VisitBrighton: said...


Just to update you on the FAcebook saga. As I thought the account had been disabled becasue we are an organisation.

So we are back on Facebook as a business so become a fan and keep up to date with what is happening but also so you can ask us questions and discuss why you love Brighton & Hove

Thanks, Charlotte