Friday, 4 April 2008

Small changes can cause a lot of confusion....

When I logged on to our Facebook page recently I noticed they had changed the menus at the top, there are now only 3 options - Profile, Friends and Inbox and while I had spotted that something was missing, I couldn't for the life of me think what it was. I then updated my status to reflect this and it seemed I had struck a chord as a couple of my friends replied to say they were also confused and again could not remember what the other button was. Clearly this mysterious button had entered into our subconscious even though we never used it. Rather fortuitously I decided to have a bit of a clear up of my desk today and whilst flicking through some Marketing journals I found the answer. Very helpfully they had printed a screen shot of Facebook with the mystery button - it was Networks. Obviously they removed it as no one used it but it amused me how these little unexpected changes can affect us.

A similar state of confusion had been caused in Brighton by the appearance of a bizarre alien like object on the grass verge opposite Roedean school. It was featured in our local paper and generated a lot of theories and comments. Today it was revealed that it was just an April Fools prank from the owners of Silver on St James Street in Kemp Town. They had decided to put the piece from their bespoke glass company there for a bit of a laugh. I'm sure they'll benefit from the extra publicity and they are now selling the piece and donating the profits to charity so all in all it was a pretty good idea for a prank.

Anyway I guess the point of my musings today is that the smallest of changes can quickly throw us into a state of confusion even if it's only for a little while. That's unless you are my Mum of course who's favourite motto has always been to expect the unexpected, which seems to be especially appropriate when visiting (or living in) Brighton!


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