Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Terre a Terre wins the best Vegetarian award

Well as you are no doubt aware by now we don't need much of an excuse to brag about our fabulous city but this week we have a big reason to feel chuffed as the Observer announced the winners of the 2008 Food Monthly awards.

And we would like to say a huge congratulations to Terre a Terre who were voted the best vegetarian restaurant in the country, wahoo! I must confess that the first time I went there I was a little sceptical as I am a devout carnivore and rather picky when it comes to eating my greens. However I was in for a very pleasant surprise as Terre a Terre is certainly not just carrots and brussel sprouts, we had the Terre Tapas and a row of exotic looking dishes came out, each one was delicious thanks to the combination of textures and flavours. Ooo reading that back it almost sounds like I know what I'm talking about! But all I'm trying to say is that it is really tasty stuff and worth going just for some of the names, so what will you be tempted by the Fundamentally Fungus, Thai One On or perhaps your children will want some Teeny Weeny Linguine?

While Terre a Terre were the main winners, Brighton restaurants were mentioned in every category and other places to be named were: Due South, Sussex and the City, Food For Friends and Pintxo People

So there you go, another reason to come and visit Brighton, and once you've been why don't you let us know if there are any other restaurants that should have been included in the awards?


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