Friday, 18 April 2008

John Barrowman

Last night I had to forgo drinks at the uber cool Niche bar at the Amherst hotel, hopefully one of my colleagues will be able to tell us a bit more about the bar soon. As you should be aware by now I am rather partial to a cocktail so what could possibly have stopped me from going?

Well my Mum and I had tickets to see John Barrowman at Brighton Dome and he certainly was the man for the Barrows last night (should probably point out that my surname is Barrow - aren't the best jokes the ones that have to be explained?!) He sang a mixture of show tunes and pop songs, and the way he was belting them out I'm not entirely sure he needed the microphone. At this point I feel I should also give a special mention to his lovely bottom, clearly he agrees with me the way he kept wiggling it about!

Although I think the highlight for me was the way he managed to camp up 'Every little thing she does is magic' by giving it a mariachi feel, not quite sure what Sting would have thought of it but there you go! I also enjoyed Man of La Mancha but that's mainly because it featured in Quantum Leap (Oh boy!) and Amarillo was very popular and seemed to add an extra helping of cheese on top of what was already the musical equivalent of a cheese board!

All in all it was a fabulously camp and cheesy night, Mum and I were giggling most of the way through particularly at some of John's dance moves which resembled your dad at a wedding party. Although some people seemed to be taking it all very seriously as during the interval I overheard someone exclaim that John Barrowman was clearly born to be on the stage! While that chap may have been a bit overly dramatic, John Barrowman was excellent, in between the songs he was telling us why these tracks were important to him and of course there were plenty of cheeky innuendos as well.


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