Monday, 28 April 2008

Komedia Krater Comedy Club

In the past Sunday evenings were always considered to be a bit dull, as the weekend is over, Monday is rapidly approaching and there's nothing on telly. Therefore I would highly recommend going to the Komedia Krater Comedy Club as I did last night. As Sunday night is the cheapest, and we were still home before 11, perfect for a school night!

My man and I had been last year as I had got a special deal on tickets and we loved the final act who were incredibly silly and made my boyfriend's face ache he was laughing so much. So when I saw they were coming back again I got us tickets to see them. And I'm glad I did as each time I go I think why did I wait so long before coming back? Anyway for the uninitiated I should explain what happens, the show starts with the excellent compere Stephen Grant then normally there are only three acts but for some reason we had a bonus one, hooray! The first time I went I was a bit scepitical as I hadn't heard of any of the comedians so I was a bit weary as to what the standard would be. While I cannot claim to have loved every single one, I have not seen a bad one yet, obviously some you like more than others but whatever happens you are guaranteed a laugh.

The only slight annoyance is the seating as clearly they want to pack in as many people as possible, but this does mean that you end up being squashed, and the tables are layed in favour of groups so that couples either have to sit at the front and become part of the act or get tacked on the end of a group. However once the show starts it really doesn't matter. Oh and as for the act we were returning to see - The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue - we both felt that while they were still funny, becuase we knew what to expect it wasn't as funny as last time when there was an air of confusion about what was actually going on. But we'd still recommend seeing them.

Well I think that's enough gushing and enthusiasm for a Monday morning, but when you are next in Brighton make sure you include the Comedy Club :)


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