Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Brighton Special Offers

Well it seems this is rapidly turning into my own personal blog as everyone seems to be quite hectic at the moment, not that I'm not busy as well but I wouldn't want out readers to feel at all neglected ;)

So why are we all so busy? Well I think it is partly due to the fact that while most people live their lives in the traditional fashion from January to December, for council employees it is April to March therefore we are at the start of the new year and new plans need to be implemented. Equally as Spring has finally arrived people will start to think about coming to Brighton, so we are all getting more enquiries whether it is from visitors, press or conference organisers. And of course we are also being kept busy gearing up for next month as May is Festival time here in Brighton

Inevitably if they leave writing of the blog to the Marketing bod, I will eventually have to resort to shamelessly promoting our special offers. So here goes, if you are coming down in May make sure you check out our special offers page so that you can extend your stay and really make the most of all that's happening. And if you are feeling green (and as Brighton fans I'm sure you are) and have therefore decided to ditch the car and come down by train, then you will be pleased to know that we have some special offers for anyone travelling to Brighton by First Capital Connect during the Brighton Fringe Festival. So I look forward to seeing you all here in May!


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