Monday, 7 April 2008

Brighton weather

Well first of all welcome to the 100th post from the VisitBrighton team, how exciting!

Anyway back to the point... It always amuses me that Brighton seems to be the location of choice for freak weather reports, this time last year when we had a sudden heat wave the news was filled with pictures of Brighton beach and people catching some rays, or relaxing outside one of the beachfront bars.

Then a few weeks ago we had poor reporters struggling to stay standing as the 80mph winds hit, and people had to be warned not to go down on to the beach to watch the waves crashing on the shore as they could very easily get blown away - do these people have no common sense at all?!

Yesterday we had the sudden snow flurries, and while we had all be warned to expect snow , I don't think anyone could have anticipated the blanket of snow that covered the city as ordinarily even when we get snow here in Brighton it usually only lasts about an hour before it melts into slush. Even though I hate the cold I have to admit there is something quite magical about seeing the city turn to white, and familiar scenes are completely transformed. This picture postcard scene was actually snapped by our very own Richard!

Don't forget you can check our Brighton weather page before you vist to get an idea of what you need to pack


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