Thursday, 30 April 2009

The American Scene: Prints from Hopper to Pollock

As regular readers of this blog will be aware, one of the perks of working for VisitBrighton is that we often get invited to launch parties. Last night was one of these occasions as we got to have a sneaky peek at the new exhibition at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery entitled The American Scene: Prints from Hopper to Pollock.

The exhibition features around 80 prints by leading American artists including Jackson Pollock and Edward Hopper. Do you think that's how the came up with the title for the exhibition? ;)

There is a wide range of prints from 56 leading American artists. We were particularly impressed with some of George Bellows prints including this one entitled 'Dance in a Madhouse':

The intricate detail of some of the pieces was amazing, particularly when it came to light and shade within the works. Although one thing we haven't yet managed to find out is what is the difference between a copper dry point, an engraving and a lithograph? So I might have to pop along to one of the lectures which are happening to coincide with this exhibition (smooth segway there!) There will also be a number of events happening including a special Independence Day celebration and Jazz in the Galleries.

Overall I was very impressed with the exhibition even though some of the more abstract pieces were not really for me but I'll still definitely be going back to enjoy one of the events. You can find out more about the exhibition, lecture series and events through the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery's website.


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