Friday, 24 April 2009

Brighton park

In Brighton there is always so much going on that it can be a bit tricky deciding what to do next, and with so many exciting and unusual events happening we can sometimes overlook the simple pleasures.

So if you feel you need a moment of calm and a spot of tranquility this weekend then I suggest you visit Withdean Park which has the second largest collection of Lilac trees in the world with over 250 types and they are just about to burst into bloom. The park is just North of the city near Preston Park station so you're far enough away from the centre to relax for a while but not too far so you can quickly get stuck back into things if you want to.

If you fancy a quiet stroll or if you want to read a book in the sunshine but find the pebbles a bit too bum-numbing then try Withdean Park for a change, oh and before I go I should say thank you to Hilary for this top tip :)

Does anyone else have any tips on where to go in Brighton to escape from it all for a bit?


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Chris said...

Well, there's a production of Oedipus happening in Jubilee Square during the Brighton Festival Fringe, transforming the normally busy square into an intimate theatre space... Oedipus is on May 05-08, at 7.30pm, in Jubilee Square, tickets £10/£8. Please call 01273709709 for ticket bookings.