Monday, 20 April 2009

Madonna photos exhibit at Brighton Fringe

Imagine my surprise when some slightly candid shots of Madge popped into my inbox this morning. I hadn't even had a chance to fortify myself with a coffee.

But once I'd calmed myself down, I thought, wow, what a coup! As part of this year’s Brighton Festival Fringe, Impure Art Gallery is exhibiting an exclusive early series of Madonna photos.

In 1979 the as yet unknown 20 year old Madonna posed nude for just $30 for New York photographer Martin Schreiber. Later, when she had become a global icon the shots appeared in Playboy, catapulting Schreiber to fame. And these very photos are coming to Brighton.

As a one time HUGE fan of Madonna, (I had a scrap book of newspaper cuttings and everything and drove my parents nuts by playing the Dress You Up 12 inch around 200 time in one day circa 1985), I personally can't wait.

So, if you need a 'holiday' (oo yeah), get yourself down to Brighton and visit the Impure Art Gallery for a quite frankly MASSIVE slice of pop history. The exhibition kicks of on 1st May.

You can find out more on the Visitbrighton News section.


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