Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Brighton bike

Well here's another first for Brighton, one of our residents is trialling a new bike which has a camera fitted to the handlebars and automatically takes a photo every 60 seconds and then uploads it to the Internet.

Keith Meredith was asked to test the bike out for The Purple Pedals Project as he is a full-time photographer as well as being a keen cyclist who regularly takes part in the London to Brighton bike ride. Twenty people have been asked to test the bikes and Keith is the only person in the UK and there is only one other person trialling it in Europe.

You can find out more about Keith and the bicycle through our local newspaper The Argus and have a look at Flickr to see the photos the bike has taken so far.

The article doesn't say what made the inventors come up with the idea of having a camera on a bicycle but I can see that it could have a number of uses. For example if you were going on a cycling holiday you wouldn't have to worry about keep stopping off to take photographs, or even if you are cycling home from work and you happen to spot a beautiful sunset you'd no longer have to say: "Oh if only I had my camera with me" A more practical use for it of course would be if you got caught in an accident you would instantly have a record of the whole thing and would also hopefully have the driver's number plate as well.

Anyway what do you think, would you be interested in having one on your bicycle?


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Two_Sheds said...

I'd like a Handlebar Cam! I was just in a head-on with a driver who "didn't see me".
I think he just tried to beat me to the junction, so a camera might help in situations like this (he was also on wrong side of the road)