Monday, 4 May 2009

Anish Kapoor's C Curve

John (our marketing manager) and I had decided to get up early on Bank Holiday Monday to see Anish Kapoor's C Curve in the early morning sun. John called in a state of over excitement at 8.50am to say he'd already seen it on BBC Breakfast on the front cover of the Times. Blimey!

So we rushed up there in case the whole world decided to descend upon the South Downs and WOW, what a sight. You can't see the C Curve from the road and you have to walk a good mile across farmland to get to it. Passing the Chattri War Memorial (also well worth a look) on your right, the C Curve looms into sight and you witness the part of the South Downs behind you (not to mention your good self) staring right back at you. Get a good day and the reflection is quite astonishing.

And the 2 red chairs to the right add something really surreal to the whole setup too. Go round the back of the mirror and everything is upside down - John did a very impressive hand stand to see what he looked like doing a hand stand reflected the wrong way up. Don't ask me why - he just did.

Having been a wee bit disappointed by the size of the Sky Mirror in Pavilion Gardens, this really is a must see. If you have a car, get yourself up there and take a look. You can also get a bus up to Patcham and get off at the Patcham YCA. See the Chattri War Memorial website for directions up to the C Curve (they are within minutes of each other).

The C Curve is just one of the works by Turner Prize winner Anish Kapoor, which are on view as part of Brighton Festival this year.

Check out this Flickr page to see more images of the C Curve.

Visit the VisitBrighton Festival pages to find out more about this year's Brighton Festival.

Let us know what you think of the C Curve.

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