Thursday, 14 May 2009

A baby named... Brighton

She’s just over 2 months old and a real beauty.Her name is Isabel Brighton and she lives in the USA. So, how did she come to be named after our city? Her parents so enjoyed their honeymoon stay in Brighton that they felt her name would bring back the memories of the wonderful time they spent here.

Three years ago, for their honeymoon, Dean and Kelly purchased a trip to the UK through a charity auction on their local public broadcasting station (PBS) and the trip included time in Brighton. A time to remember, since it included dinner in the Banqueting Hall at the Royal Pavilion on Halloween night. The Hall looked splendid with black and white table linen and candle-lit pumpkin heads on each table. VisitBrighton’s involvement was part of a marketing campaign in the United States with VisitBritain.

Dean and Kelly really enjoyed their stay at The Grand and the kindness of the staff there.They particularly remember the cab driver who drove them to dinner one night and who, upon hearing it was their first visit, promptly took them on a quick tour of the notable spots along the way to dinner - reducing the charge for the time she diverted from the direct route.

I was involved in the organisation of that visit to Brighton and remember that when I heard they were a honeymoon couple I felt we should make their stay special. Chocolates and champagne were organised for their room and a sea-view guaranteed.

Everyone at VisitBrighton is absolutely delighted that Isabel’s middle name is Brighton. We feel very flattered and honoured that her parents have made such a kind gesture towards our city.

I know Dean’s trip highlight was his opportunity to see The Gunners live, but their stay in Brighton also certainly must have made an impression on the couple.


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