Thursday, 7 May 2009

VisitBrighton podcasts

We have put together a series of 6 new podcasts each themed around a different aspect of the city. The themes are:
  • Historically Hove
  • Brighton Film Locations
  • Arts & Sculpture trail
  • The People who made Brighton & Hove (aka Blue Plaques tour)
  • A walk through time
  • Gay & Lesbian history
The podcasts are all hosted by Simon Fanshawe, who has lived here for years and not only loves the city but knows an awful lot about it. Throughout the series Simon brings in his own thoughts and recollections on how Brighton & Hove has changed throughout the years.

The podcasts will hopefully appeal to residents as well as visitors as I learnt a lot of interesting tidbits along the way. As did our lovely Conference manager Darren who seems to have become rather fond of the podcasts. In order to whet your appetite here are some of Darren's favourite facts he learnt from The People who made Brighton podcast:
  • When the houses around the Old Steine were originally built people were not interested in having sea-views as it was more important to be seen as being part of Georgian high society. This is why the houses around the Old Steine all face each other.
  • Stones used for the Old Steine actually came from Hove as the stones that were already in situ had been dumped in the Channel as people thought they were a hazard.
  • Dinosaur bones are not always discovered in faraway exotic places as Gideon Mantell discovered Iguandon bones in Cookfield. Even more surprisingly Mantell was only an amateur geologist as he was actually a gynaecologist!
Each of the podcasts also comes with a downloadable map, although I hasten to add that these are not trails in the traditional sense of "Go to point 1, walk 10 paces then turn left bla bla bla" these are much more informal and laid-back. However the maps highlight key places mentioned in the podcasts so once you've listened to them you can get out there and explore!

So I hope you enjoy them and let us know what you think. Oh and before I go thanks to everyone who helped with putting these podcasts together especially Simon Fanshawe and Julian at Yada-Yada.


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