Thursday, 27 November 2008

Film in Brighton

I watched the film Genevieve again last night. I do love it. It's one of those old British gems I just can't get enough of. It's just so funny and depicts the battle of the sexes perfectly. If you've never seen, check it out - I don't think it will disappoint! If you want to own a copy, it's available to buy on the VisitBrighton Eshop.

As you probably know, it's all about 2 couples who indulge in a race against one another in their respective 'old crocs' on the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. Great fun. And if you're interested in Brighton's film history, you might also like to check out our Brighton on Film page.

Following on from this I then found a great film on You Tube showing the Veteran Car Run from the 1950s - its well worth a look if you like a bit of nostalgia. And it reminded me of Genevieve too!

And if you love film, don't forget it's the Brighton Cinecity Film Festival at the moment. Loads of lovely filmic fare to get you going. I actually won 2 tickets to see a Polish film last night and the office rudely suggested I was probably the only person to have entered. What a load of old heathens.

Has no-one else seen the Dekalog or the Three Colours Trilogy!? They are just the most fabulous films (oh alright, you may need to be a teensy weensy bit art housey to like them!)

Happy viewing...


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