Tuesday, 11 November 2008

We do sometimes get sand on the beach

It is a well-known fact that Brighton & Hove beaches are not sandy however a couple of times a year the tide is low enough to uncover some sand and while some people might celebrate by taking a romantic stroll or by building a sandcastle there is a group of people who decide to cycle along the beach.

Local film maker Evan Pugh has made a short film following 10 people riding along the beach from Hove to Brighton Marina, so have a look and see if you'll be tempted to join in next time. Although I should warn you that a couple of people have decided to ride in the nude! Can't think why though, it must chafe a little, oh well whatever makes you happy. Anyway if you are tempted then it looks like the next time that the tide will be low enough will be Wednesday 11th February 2009 although this might change so check their website to make sure.

Just before I sign off, just want to say thanks to my Grandad for letting me know about this video :)


PS Following on from Evan's comment below you can vote for the video at: current.com


Jessica said...

That's really interesting and the video adds so much! Well done, excellent post!

Evan Pugh said...

If you visit the site you're also able to vote for the film which will increase it's chances of getting Brighton on TV!!!