Monday, 1 December 2008

The Chilli Pickle wins hot award!

The Chili Pickle is one of Brighton's newest restaurants but they are already making a name for themselves as their chef Alun Sperring has just won the XXX mints Can You Handle the Heat competition for his Oxtail Madras.

This is a fiercely contested national competition so huge congratulations to Alun. Personally speaking it sounds like it was also a victory for common sense as one of the other competitor's dish included a pepper that was 100 times hotter then a Jalapeno and the judges could barely manage one mouthful and have advised that it should not be served in restaurants, which I can't qutie see the point of.

Whereas The Chilli Pickle use local Sussex produce and while their dish was hot it was also packed full of flavour, so a well-earned win there for Alun. Therefore next time you are visiting Brighton make sure you pop in and try some award winning curry.

To find out more about the award check out the video on the BBC website


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