Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas Artists Open Houses

As our marketing manager fled wildly to Woolworths at lunchtime to bag a bargain in the china ware department, we started talking about the 'tragic' demise of this longstanding British retail institution.

Whilst it is undeniably a bit sad, let's face it, it is ONLY a SHOP! It's not exactly up there with the Greek tragedies is it! Although, admittedly, the queues were of rather Epic proportions...

Anyway, if all this 'Wooly's talk and battling with the festive masses in the 50% off crushes are proving a little bit too testing for your festive spirit, why not try the Brighton Christmas Artists Open Houses?

A lot more laid back but still great value, they're a really great twist on the traditional Christmas shopping.

Offering an exceptional mix of art and handmade goods, the houses are open for the first two weekends in December (6-7th and 13-14th) and offer up over seventy houses crammed with all kinds of unusual and beautiful gifts. As well as paintings and sculpture, most houses offer a wide range of ceramics, jewellery, textiles, lighting, furnishings, cards and a variety of Christmas decorations.

For details on the artists and items available in each house, simply pick up a brochure from locations around Brighton, or visit the website at

Or if you have an opinion on Wooly's, feel free to share it! I mean it will leave an awful big gap on Western Road!


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