Friday, 1 August 2008

Music Brighton

We are often saying what a creative and musical city Brighton & Hove is but then I would say that as I am marketing the city! However this week I have come across a couple of stories that I thought I should share in order to prove my point :)

The first story was about a 13 year old busker making £70 an hour on the beachfront by Brighton Pier, he earned enough money through busking to buy a new £2,000 guitar! Apparently he practises for six hours a day, so he'll be one to look out for in the years to come. You can see a clip of him in action courtesy of the BBC website

The other piece of music news which caught my eye was the fact that Amy Winehouse (don't worry it is about her music for her change, as I don't know about you but I am sooooo bored of hearing details of her every single movement!) has re-released her debut album Frank and included some live tracks from when she played here in Brighton at the Concorde 2. This is apparently due to the fact that they have some super dooper recording equipment. The innovative stuff they use means that artists can record their live tracks at studio quality. This means that you will hopefully see a lot more artists releasing bonus 'Recorded live at Brighton Concorde 2' tracks, but even more excitingly they are hoping that in the future people can leave gigs with a CD of the show they have just seen so they can relive the night for years to come. It will also help new bands, for example a support act will be able to record their segment to use as a demo, which will not only save the costs of hiring a studio but will also include the energy and enthusiasm of the gig, rather than trying to recreate that feeling in a studio.

So you see we've been right all along Brighton is full of musicians and clever creative types! So if the technology had been available which Brighton gigs would you like to have been able to take a recording of home with you? I think my choice would be The Bravery at the Concorde 2 last summer but what would yours be? One of the Big Beach Boutiques or perhaps someone you saw at the Great Escape? Or going further back were you lucky enough to see the Beatles at the old Hippodrome, or Bing Crosby's last ever concert at the Brighton Centre?


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VisitBrighton: said...

Hmm, good question - I saw Blur at the Brighton Centre - they were pretty fab. I also saw Martha Wainwright in a church in Kemptown, which was pretty surreal and a great night.