Monday, 11 August 2008

More celebrities in Brighton!

I do love the quirky facts we come across working here at VisitBrighton for example did you know that for the international beach volleyball championships happening here at Yellowave 3 - 7 September they have had to import 1,500 tonnes of sand? Or did you know that Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest at the Brighton Dome?

Anyway the most recent quirky fact I have come across is that one of the stars of the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian lives here in Brighton, no not the Prince, Lucy or even Edmund but Trufflehunter the talking badger! Don't worry I'm not completely mad I know he's not real but it turns out the inspiration for his appearance came from one of the badgers here at the Booth Museum of Natural History!

So there you have it another celebrity resident to look out for when you next come to visit, and at least you know you will definitely be able to see this one! And to help you spot him here is a picture of him courtesy of the Booth Museum and also one of his movie star counterpart


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