Tuesday, 26 August 2008

More accolades for Brighton

Just a matter of days after appearing in the Top 10 beach destinations in the world (and the only one from the UK) Brighton has now appeared in two more Top 10 lists, wahoo!

On MSN's list of the Top 10 University cities Brighton is in at number three beating Liverpool, Manchester and Cambridge. We came high up on the list thanks to the free-spirited atmosphere, the shopping and the nightlife. Other key points are that it is a manageable sized city and we are easy to get too, and only an hour from London - which came in handy for me for going to see George Michael at Earl's Court on Sunday, ok I know that wasn't exactly relevant but he was amazing so I felt I had to mention him :)

Anyway getting back on track, we are also one of the top 10 beaches with wifi internet access in the world, in fact we came in at number 2 only being beaten by Clearwater Beach, Florida. At this point I thought it would be nice to include an image but I'm not sure if we have any of people using laptops on the beach but then I remembered that the winner of our film competition last year - Tony Moon actually appeared in his video as the guy sitting on the beach with his laptop! What a link and a good excuse to show the film again, although before I do I should just add that if you would like to find out why Brighton appears in all these Top 10 lists then see our website for more information: www.visitbrighton.com


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