Friday, 29 August 2008

Komedia Brighton

Well hoorah hooray the weekend is here and to make it extra exciting a few of us from work are going to Komedia tonight for their Krater Comedy Club. I've been a few times now but I remember the first time I went I was quite sceptical as they have three stand-ups and a MC and as I hadn't heard of any of them I wasn't quite sure what to expect. However it was really good, and as I say I have been a few times since then and obviosuly some are better then others but overall it's good fun, although I wouldn't recommend sitting at the front unless you want to become the butt of a joke!

Mind you although Komedia is most well-known as a comedy club thanks to the Krater every weekend, and other events such as Tag Comedy and the satirical Treason show. They are also a music venue, a while ago I saw the gorgeous Ben Taylor the son of James Taylor and Carole King - how upsetting would it have been if he couldn't sing? luckily he can though! And coming up they have got Gotye playing who we saw during the Great Escape Festival and he really is amazing, he does all the music himself, although not in a Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins kind of a way I hasten to add!

Apart from live acts they also have club nights including Born Bad and Stick It On where you get to be the DJ for 15 minutes. As well as some miscellaneous events, I remember going to see some radio comedy show being recorded but then that was only becasue it was being introduced by one of Mum's favourite DJ's Mark Radcliffe. Staying on the radio theme they have an evening with Johnnie Walker coming up soon...

So there you go that was my quick introduction to Komedia so hopefully that has whet your appetitie, have a good weekend and don't forget to go to for a full What's On list


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