Thursday, 7 August 2008

Celebrity sighting in Brighton

Sadly it wasn't actually me who had the celebrity sighting but one of my friends who works in a shoe shop in the North Laine got to serve Gary Numan! I was extremely envious as we are both huge fans of the electro maestro, who did play at the Brighton Dome earlier in the year but sadly I missed that as well :( But hopefully he will be back again soon

Although it doesn't seem too surprising that he would shop in that area as the North Laine is the alternative bohemian area for shopping in the city. Whereas I was quite surprised to spot Nick Cave going into an ice cream parlour in Hove as somehow it didn't seem to fit with his slightly morose image, but it seems that no one can resist the temptation of a delicious scoop!

We do have a few local celebs here and obviously quite a few coming to visit, although I've never noticed anyone being mobbed for autographs, I guess that is the advantage of the laid-back friendly nature of the city, the attitude generally is live and let live no matter who you are.

Anyway enough from me, has anyone else had a good celebrity sighting in the city or who would you most like to see during a stay in Brighton & Hove?


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