Monday, 22 November 2010

Time flies at VisitBrighton

This is my first month over…time working at VisitBrighton is disappearing so fast! I am even getting used to living like a normal person and seeing seven o’clock twice in one day…it really is far more productive!

After watching The Hangover again and again it was essential to see if ‘Alan’ (Zach Galifianakis) was going to be as funny in his new film ‘Due Date’ so I went down to the Marina to check it out. There were definitely some Laugh out Loud moments (I couldn’t bring myself to use ‘LOL’ there) and the ‘Sophie cackle’ definitely revealed itself! It was total stupid humour that is easy to watch and will definitely leave you smiling!!

While working on the Pier I had a meeting with Jenifer of My Brighton & Hove at the Brighton History Centre in the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. I only had a chance to look briefly at its content but was very impressed. Next week I will arrive earlier so I can explore.

On Thursday the Christmas lights were switched on by Marilyn Monroe look-a-like Laura Nickson, it was hosted by Juice FM. There was a crowd gathered to see what was going on at East Street and a cheer once the lights were switched on. With appearances from the pantomime Cinderella and handing out of mince pies it really began to make the city feel festive.

After watching the Christmas lights I attended ‘As camp as Christmas’, an event where Jeremy Hoye and Dave Pop’s new jewellery collection was launched. The event took place in the shop on Ship Street, which opened in 1994; their décor was very Brighton, it reminded me of under the sea, with the wave inspired 3D ceiling, mermaid statue and submarine style windows where the collections are on show. Their collections are made up of bespoke items made by their own jewellers to accurately suit their customer’s needs. They are today recognised as being one of England’s leading contemporary jewellers.

My favourites included the charm bracelets with the magic carpets, the entire compilation of the kings and queen collection and most importantly the 18 ct yellow gold Russian doll. It opens to reveal a scroll that can be engraved with your own personal message and is encrusted with black diamonds and rubies, defiantly something I wish I could add to the top of my Christmas List, let’s just hope Santa is feeling generous this year!!

Doing this blog presents me the perfect excuse to eat out instead of having to cook for myself; we decided to try Gars Chinese Restaurant, which we enjoyed a really tasty meal.

This week I discovered yet another one of Brighton’s own quirky coffee shop, Redwood Coffee House, a perfect place to hide from the winter weather. Placed at the bottom of the Lanes its cosy décor and snug seats along with the stacks of books provide the atmosphere that you could stay in for hours! With the mixture of cakes, music and books offered this was a perfect Sunday afternoon find.

I spent the weekend in Birmingham visiting one of my best friends Es for her birthday, I had a great weekend catching up and having a good old gossip trying out her favourite places, meeting friends and having a girlie night out.

But by the time I left she had already decided she wanted to visit Brighton and I have booked her in into HotelSophie to do some Christmas shopping and enjoy doughnuts on the deckchairs on the Pier (hopefully in the Snow) who could resist?!?

Goodbye until next week...Sophie.

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