Monday, 8 November 2010

Another week living down South…

After an introduction of what my role as marketing assistant would incorporate, Monday lunch break was spent in Paperchase looking for stationery to make my desk more my own. Once all my pens were in order I set down to do some work. Not long after I was informed we were going to an event at Terre a Terre, which was voted best restaurant in Brighton & Hove in the 2010 Foodie Awards. The event was to launch their participation within ‘Street Smart’ which is where restaurants are asking customers to add a voluntary £1 per table in November and December and the money raised will help the homeless. The restaurant had previously participated last year helping raise an impressive £450,000.

On visiting the city I had always been intrigued by the Duke of York’s Picturehouse, to see what all the fuss was about. Then I understood, watching The Social Network in what felt like someone’s front room was definitely more appealing than sitting in a generic cinema screen. The look of the cakes available tempted me far more than that of the standard plastic nachos!!

Thursday night was spent late night shopping, as I of course needed a warm coat, seeing as I had the idea that it was always sunny in Brighton!!

Bonfire night this year can only be described as ‘unique’ as I went to Lewes, which held what seems the ritual of celebrating the ancient tradition of Bonfire, even being credited the ‘Bonfire capital of the world.’ Only on arriving at Brighton station I began to see the scale of the event, rows and rows of people in warm looking hats ready for a winter storm. Throughout the station I could feel the excitement of the night ahead.

After shuffling out of Lewes station following the crowds, amazed at the amount of whizz, bang, pops in the air we ended up outside the Garden Arms, watching only what I can comprehend as a scene out of the film League of Gentlemen. For the whole parade I was in awe…never before had I seen anything like this, all I could see were burning crucifixes coming from the distance.

There was fire, flashes, bangs, costumes, dancing, laughter and screams (most of all from me!). After watching the array of characters walk up and down the street at least three times we were just about ready to speak to each other, but all we could ask is if this was actually ‘real life?!’ Then sure enough there was a loud bang very close by leaving the woman in front of me with a wet hat and me without a drink.

After a long walk around the town…multiple times, we seem to be prone to becoming lost in any given situation. We arrive at Cliffe, one of the bonfire sites where this year there was an effigy of the current Coalition government where David Cameron was holding Nick Clegg upon puppet strings. All in all the night was ‘an experience’ that only I could obtain while living in Brighton and of course I am already excited for next year!!

After walking around Lewes all night our legs decided Saturday had to be spent as a lazy day…so wandering through the lanes, testing out coffee shops was in order. After having brownies and hot chocolate in Komedia we had the energy to move on through towards the seafront, only to be stopped by a magician who impressed me with a Darren Brown taught card trick.
After exploring we went to dinner in Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant. As it was a Saturday night and my friend Lauren had come down from Leeds to visit, we thought it was compulsory to take her to the sites of the Brighton Pubs…

As the vintage car rally from London to Brighton was on we walked through the Preston Park entrance and watched the cars as they drove to the seafront on our way to the station to catch a train into London. It was great to visit the capital but it was good to get back to my new home by the sea.


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