Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sophie's third week in the city...

This week was too cold, like always in winter I prefer to hibernate indoors with films and a nice cup of tea, I would definitely recommend Russell Brand’s Get him to the Greek as well as the new series of Gossip Girl that I have enjoyed catching up on!

On Wednesday I went to the sold out Mystery Jets’ gig that was held at Concorde 2 which is a popular music venue in the city. This tour was to promote their new album ‘Show me the Light’.

Thursday seemed to be like any other day working at Brighton Pier, being splashed in the face by a crashing wave while staring at the, in my opinion, mental characters who were running into the waves as a photo opportunity. Until over my head flew a kite surfer that managed to clear the pier and land safely on the other side! If you haven’t done so you really need to check out the video. It was definitely something I won’t be trying…I thought I was brave just walking up the pier in that wind!

After early Christmas shopping on Saturday we tested out the Royal Pavilion's first ever outdoor Christmas ice rink, with its impressive background, that definitely distinguishes itself from the one I am used to back home in Sunderland’s Mowbray Park. As I normally fall over my own feet on a daily basis on flat ground I thought best not to try skating on ice as I would definitely multiple times be ending up on my bum! Even without taking part in the actual skating the night made me feel all Christmassy along with the Coke a Cola Christmas advert that appeared while watching X Factor confirming that Christmas has officially begun!! (38 Days 16 hours to go if you were wondering…)


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