Friday, 12 November 2010

Kite surfer jumps Brighton Pier

Only in Brighton! Well actually they did it in Worthing earlier in the year but hey ho!

Here's the kite surfer video from the lovely guys at Fat Sand, who were tipped off about the kite surfer yesterday (being such avid cool kite surfer dudes themselves) and popped down with their trusty camera to film it.

Enjoy! Oh and please don't think about trying this! VisitBrigton don't condone any form of activity that may cause harm to you or others. This guy is a real professional and the pier don't want anyone landing on the super booster that haven't paid!

For more on Fat Sand visit

Or if you fancy having a go at kite surfing yourself, check out Hove's Kitesurfkings.



Anonymous said...

This is everywhere !!

Gary said...

really excellent little video there, in addition to the actual stunt, the film is of a very high production value. Bravo!

LoveBrighton: said...

Cheers Gary - i'll pass that onto fat sand - they're the production co that made it - they are always in right place at right time!! said...

that is awesome, jumpin brighton pier is no easy feat. well done and great work on the video editing aswell