Monday, 2 November 2009

Singers needed for Lucky Voice Brighton's Charioke Marathon!

Today I'm going to hand you over to Stuart Waterman to tell you what it's like to work for Lucky Voice:

One of the first questions people ask when you tell them you work at Lucky Voice is: “Do you just sing all day?”

Unfortunately this isn’t quite the case, although we do start each Monday at our London HQ with an office sing before the morning meeting. We do four songs (they have to be different every week) using our streaming karaoke service Lucky Voice Home, and then it’s onto the business of business.

People seem to respond to Lucky Voice’s brand of singing because it’s not about how good a singer you are, or how amazing your taste in music is – it’s about relishing that great feeling of singing your heart out with friends.

Group singing is nothing new, of course. It’s something that has been done for as long as humans have had voices, and it’s why hearing a football crowd singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” never fails to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

When we were looking for a new venue outside of London, Brighton was the obvious choice. People in Brighton know how to have a good time, and as the bar’s success has shown, they also clearly love to sing. It launched in June and offers something a little different to most other nightlife establishments in the area.

With high-quality cocktails, plush booths and easy-as-pie touchscreens for creating your ideal karaoke playlist, it’s a place to shake off the working week in luxury with your mates.

Singing enthusiasts will have an opportunity to spend a whole ten hours at Lucky Voice Brighton on Monday 9th November, when we host our first Charioke Marathon. It runs from 1pm to 11pm, with participants raising money for their chosen charity beforehand using – like this Diana Ross fan!

It’s being organised by Refugee Action and has attracted teams singing for charities including Serenity Foundation, Terrence Higgins Trust and Children of the Andes.

Prizes will be given out on the day to singers who excel in individual categories – e.g. “Best Power Ballad Rendition” - and have been donated by,, Lush, EMI and American Apparel among others.

However - we need more singers! So if you’d like to take part and do some good while feeling hella good, email Refugee Action’s organiser extraordinaire Esme at! Lucky Voice will be providing free throat-soothing soft drinks all day, so if you Just Can’t Get Enough of free karaoke it’s time get involved!

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