Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Nikky French wins musical mash up

You may remember my post re Brighton musical mash up maestro Nikky French recently, who was number 3 in a shortlist of musicians to win a competition to create a mash up using nothing but the sounds of the Hyundai i30 .

Well guess what - he won!

Nikky's entry received a whopping 11,725 of the 43, 731 votes, securing him top spot.

In fact Nikky has gained somewhat of a cult following for his car creativity as well as becoming some what of a local celebrity in the Hanover area of Brighton since entering the contest.

Brighton is famous for its thriving music scene, many of whom got right behind Nikky with their support.

Lucky old Nikky has a won a brand new Hyundai i30 for his efforts, which is rather cool as apparently he's never owned a car before.

So if you hear a Hyundai car door slam it could be Nikky. If you ask nicely maybe he'll treat to you a live mash up...

30beats is a homage to everything mechanical, making music with a sample pack of beats to integrate into your very own musical masterpiece. The sample pack is still available to download for anyone that has not had a go making their own mechanical mash-up yet.

Here's Nikki's winning mash up:


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