Monday, 23 November 2009

Brighton firsts

Scanning through the news pages today I picked up on two Brighton inventions or firsts and I think you'll agree that the phrase from the sublime to the ridiculous as never been more apt!

The first piece which caught my eye was from the Guardian about Geoff Smith a Brighton based composer and performer who has reinvented the piano. Rather than being fixed to 88 notes from 88 keys the fluid piano has sliders so that different scales can be accessed and there is also a horizontal harp on the top of the piano for even more options.

The next first from Brighton today comes from Fay Miller a wedding cake specialist who now sells Divorce cakes. Apparently there is a growing trend for divorce parties and so Fay spotted a gap in the market for specialist cakes. You probably won't be surprised to hear that the idea for Divorce parties originated from America!

I guess if nothing else the two stories help to show the diversity of what Brighton has to offer from high-end culture to fun and frivolity :)


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